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In 2009, Kurt started writing articles for The Portugal News called 'Ask Kurt' and has to date written over 300 articles. Please find below a few of those articles and if you are interested in having some of them emailed to you, please contact us on

27 Oct 2012

Google Play

Google Play is a digital entertainment hub, similar to Apple’s iTunes Store, where you can purchase a whole range of different media products. Previously, Google had a collection of separate services like: Google Music; Android Market, and the Google eBookstore, but the company has now placed all these together and re-branded it as Google Play.

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20 Oct 2012

Understanding Tablets - Part 4

Following on last week’s article, the Applications section is where one manages the apps that are installed on your tablet. Quick launch lets you set keyboard shortcuts to quickly launch applications.

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13 Oct 2012

Understanding Tablets - Part 3

Just like with your computer, the operating system or OS for short is what runs on your hardware and allows you to access your device and install programmes or applications. Without an operating system your smartphone or tablet would just be an expensive paperweight.

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06 Oct 2012

Understanding Tablets - Part 2

Last week I started discussing a few basics about Tablets, so this week I will kick off by talking about the main start screen of an Android tablet called the Launcher.
The Launcher consists of two parts, the home screen or desktop, and the app tray or app drawer.

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29 Sept 2012

Understanding Tablets - Part 1

Over the last few months I’ve been speaking to many of my clients including my father about the purchasing of a tablet and how they can simplify your life. My dad has been talking about purchasing a tablet for quite some time and last month he finally had an opportunity to purchase one.

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